Thai massage

Thai massage

We offer traditional Thai massage which has nothing in common with commercial massage.

Traditional Thai massage has a long history of medical influence of human organism.
Sources of traditional Thai massage

The origin of Thai massage as the origin of the Thais themselves is hidden by thousands years. Thailand being on the cross of ancient ways was a witness of numerous migrations and absorbed elements of various cultures, especially of buddhistic cultures. massage A folk tradition calls Jivaka Kumara Bhachchkha the founder of Thai massage. He lived about 2500 years ago, he was a doctor, a friend of Buddha. Until now he is worshipped as a "father of Thai medicine". Since the roots of Thai massage are inseparably linked to buddhistic philosophy, it is no wonder that historians considered it as a religious ritual.

The secret of Thai system

According to the theory of Thai medicine the so called inner or vital energy circulates in the human body. It is moved by special energetic canals connected with all tissues and organs. A person is healthy only when this energy flows freely and is distributed harmonically around the whole body. Any obstacle on the way of the energy flow leads to a sickness. massage Thai massage pays attention to major energy canals. Influencing them in the proper order we can eliminate the obstacle on the way of the flow of vital energy and prevent its stagnation . Thai massage allows muscles keep correct energy distribution in the body, it keeps the muscle elasticity stimulating their harmonic functioning. The capability of a muscle or joint is defined by the difference of its length in the relaxed and working state. When the muscle strains, it always becomes shorter. If you overtrained your muscle or on the contrary don't train it at all, i.e. for some reason you limit its movement, it loses its elasticity. Muscle weakening can lead to iregular load to the backbone. As a result you have backbone-ache, loinache, neckache, headache which become chronical quickly. With the help of Thai cure system we can stretch a muscle, and the positive result is achieved much quicker than with the use of other massage systems.


Thai massage consists of two parts - health-improving and erotic.
Health-improving influence of Thai massage

If not to do regular physical exercises, joints lose their original flexibility. massage The improvement of their mobility can be achieved with the help of yoga but you'll need significant efforts for this. But Thai massage needs almost nothing - you should only trust the hands of an experienced specialist. In two hours your muscles will receive such a warm-up that you'll notice the improvement of their flexibility at once. It is impossible to reach it independently. Thai massage is a complex of various tecnicques - a combination of soft vibrations and passive movements, punctual massage, reflexology, energy and passive yoga. Major methods of Thai massage are pressing and stretching. Pressing is a method of stimulating energy canals, stretching stimulates muscles. massage Each muscle should be stretched as much as possible. As a result the mobility of joints becomes better. Before the beginning of the massage a specialist prays to the Father of medicine asking him to help releave the patient from physical and spiritual sicknesses.

Thai massage starts with the patient's position on his back, then we influence side areas of the body, after that we go to the position with his face down. A specialist carries out massage with his thumbs, palms, feet, elbows and knees. massage Special attetion is paid to the massage of legs since energy flows in them influence the state of the upper part of the body greatly. Regular distribution of energy in the legs is necessary for its balance in the backbone.

Erotic part of Thai massage.
In its comlete volume the seance of Thai massage takes two hours. It is carried out on the floor. A warm, well ventilated room, soft dim light, quiet eastern music and fragrances of aromatic oils plunge you into the state of deep relaxation. We put an erotic mixture of essential oils on your body.
massage Then a charming naked girl begins massaging your body with her breast, belly and buttocks. It looks like a teasing sexual game. A slow and tender caress gives massage heady delicacy, body sensuality becomes sharp to its limit, but culmination moment is delayed as long as possible. The longer it takes, the sharper and brighter will be the following orgasm. When it comes, the time stops for you.

Contra-indications to use Thai massage.
  • Serious cardiovascular diseases and increased blood pressure.
  • Oncologic diseases.
  • Presence of prosthetic devices (hip or knee joints)
  • Skin diseases.
  • In the pregnancy period.