It's not an easy life for a modern man nowdays. Nervous and physical tension make him irritable and unpleasant in communication. Tight schedule and heavy loads take away last strength. Just a few years of such life - and we are facing a man of declining years. We are living one life, there should be some place for a good rest.
Discrete club of erotic massage in a very exotic environment, made up of 5 salons with Roman, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Sumerian specific. Qualified, young, beautiful semi-nude, nude and friendly masseuses are doing their best for you to feel great. We combine in an erotic, pleasant and original way the old Thai techniques with the modern, Swedish ones. massage

We provide best quality services at accesible prices 150 RON per one hour of erotic massage, counting the talent, experience and phisical aspect of the maseuse you choose. We highly recomend the double massage (including 2 maseuses) with 20% discount. You are offered a FREE massage session every time you invite two friends. We are waiting for you to come and hope that you will come again.